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EEG-Integrated Race helmet

Freelance for UNIT9, 2019

I worked with a team at UNIT9 to develop an EEG-integrated race helmet as part of a larger project to analyze race car drivers' cognitive functions, such as attention and fatigue. I was responsible for the mechanical design of the EEG headset, owning the mechanical implementation from concept development to fabrication of prototypes to testing on a real race track.

A large part of the challenge was how to integrate an electrode that didn't use conductive gel, but was also safe in the event of a collision. I invented a new soft electrode that would collapse on itself in event of impact.

Due to the confidential nature of the work I cannot disclose the details of the mechanical implementation, but a further information can be found on the UNIT9 website: 

More Information

Photo credit: UNIT9 / Ford


In January 2022, Ford and Discovery / Eurosport launched a documentary about the project. You can watch it here: Racing Minds - Performance Testing With Ford | Eurosport


"Eeg sensor, assembly including an eeg sensor and method of manufacture" - International Patent No. WO2021260212A1 - Date of Patent: 30 December 2021

Inventors: David Yates BUCKLEY, Jasmine Rebecca FLORENTINE

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