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I am a multidisciplinary maker of things:
a design engineer, an artist, and a storyteller.

I love working on projects that bridge the gap between art and engineering and tackling unique design challenges that let me put my creative problem solving skills to the test. I thrive in collaborative settings. I love learning—whether it's researching the state of the art for EEG (electroencephalogram) so I can design a brain-scanning helmet or teaching myself how to write a novel so I can engage kids with STEM—I'm excited to give it my best shot.

I'm a big believer in the design engineering process, from conceptualizing to prototyping to iterating, and I know that failure is not only a part of the process, but a learning opportunity.

I received an MS and a BS from MIT in mechanical engineering, where I focused on product design. Before moving abroad, I worked as a mechanical engineer and visual artist for FIRST—a non-profit that runs robotics competitions for students.

I worked as a mechatronics engineer at a robotics company before switching fully to freelance to accommodate the nomadic lifestyle of a trailing academic spouse. I've designed projects, content, and products for organizations such as Make:,  The micro:bit Foundation, UNIT9, DesignSpark, OKDo, to name a few.

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